Are you misrepresented?

I love this video for several reasons-

  • It highlights the incongruity between media presentation and reality
  • It gives example of the “power of the masses”
  • It mentions online volunteering!
All of that, and its well made!

2 responses to “Are you misrepresented?

  1. It’s a GREAT video for young people (I had a little trouble reading everything — us middle aged folks need a little more time). I was hoping the end was going to be “write your congressperson” or “vote”, not “sign this online petition.” Because I’m still not sure online petitions really do much….

    Hurrah for the mention of online volunteering!!

  2. You’re right- online petitions are a little iffy. So are “click here to send this letter to your representative” campaigns.

    There is a really great site called that seems to get this. The site is amazing – you’ve got to check it out! It helps people in Washington state follow their state legislature, and it guides them in their advocacy and participation.

    One of the things they do very well is get people to write their own letters. Rather than send the same letter/email that everyone else has sent, they give guidelines and make suggestions, but leave the writing to you.

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