TAL does it again!

In one of the best, most useful pieces of radio journalism ever, This American Life from WBEZ in Chicago, explained with amazing clarity and detail, how the mortgage crisis came to be. The episode, called Giant Pool of Money, aired in May, but it is still a must-listen as it gives a very clear explaination of a complicated problem.

I imagine a lot of us who heard that episode have thought to ourselves, “Gosh, I wish TAL would do another show, this time explaining this huge financial crisis.”

Well, Ira Glass and his colleagues must be clairvoyant, because this weekend, Alex Blumberg and Adam Davisdon (the guys that produced Giant Pool of Money) are bringing us “Planet Money.” This episode promises to explain what has happened over the past couple of weeks, and what regulators could have done to prevent it.

Check your local listing for when it will air. (If you miss it, it will be available the TAL website.) You can also find more information on the Planet Money blog.


One response to “TAL does it again!

  1. Ooooh so glad you posted this and that I happened to check your blog today. I read this early today and was so excited that Dave and I immediately synced our ipods and during errands and now as we prepare dinner we are listening to the latest recording. Amazing what has caused our current situation as a nation and how greedy people truly can be. The domino effect is amazing!!! And the lack of regulation in our system ticks me off! No one was really paying attention and we are this giant train raging out of control and we all have to pay for the damage.

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