Digitizing books, one word at a time

(Thanks to Marty Kearns from Green Media Toolshed and Netcentric Campaigns for bringing this to my attention!)

The need to digitize books goes beyond being able to put them on your Kindle. People with various disabilities (not just sight-related) use on screen readers and other audio tools for school, work and pleasure. But the availability of books in digital format can be limited.

In this very interesting video, Carnegie Mellon University professor Luis von Ahn explains how he is using the brain power of you and me to help digitize books, one word at a time, through a program he calls ReCaptcha.


2 responses to “Digitizing books, one word at a time

  1. I am really motivated by the mode that you write, and the subject is superb. Umm… do you know how well does the Kindle PDF conversion handle PDFs with Math formulas? I read a lot of Math PDFs and I really hate reading on the computer and I think printing everything just to read it once is a waste of paper. So Ive been looking for some ebook reader that handles math PDFs well but unfortunately it seems like none of them do. Thanks and cheers!

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