A World of Books

You can learn a lot about a culture by reading its stories!

I have a goal of reading at least one book (novel, collection of short stories or folktales, history, etc) that represents each country in the world. I’m working through it slowly- what usually happens is I’ll read something from a new country, then I’ll want to read more from that country. So I’m usually reading 2 or 3 books from each. I’m mostly working off a list from a Lonely Planet book, but I also LOVE to get recommendations, so if you have a special book that is set in a country other than one of the countries colored in on the map, please drop me a line, or post a comment!

The map above shows which countries I have covered. Check out “The List” for the list of books I’m working on (inlcuding those I have read and those I’ve yet to read!) I’ll also be posting reviews of the books I’m working on. If you’ve read any of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections!


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